Sashes and Crowns Galore

      This past weekend the annual event of the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Pageants took place here in my hometown of Portland, Tennessee --- home of the Strawberries and the Strawberry Festival. Beauties from ages ranging as young as 17 weeks old to the oldest division with 19 year olds.... all fancied up to walk the stage. The little ones really show their personality on the stage, whether they were running around, making funny faces, or just sitting down on stage waving to their loved ones in the audience. This year the Pageants were on April 28-29, 2017 so they could prepare to be in the Parade on the big Strawberry Festival day on May 13th.... where they are once again able to get all fancy for the day and show off their sashes and crowns once again.

     Congrats to all the winners during all 17 divisions over the two days.... be sure to check out the local paper here in town (Portland Leader) to see all the pageant winners. This is my third year being the official photographer for this fun filled event and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing people. Big shout out goes to the Portland High School Cheerleaders for allowing me to come back this year (hoping for a 4th year next year?) and for all your hard work setting up the pageants.... and another big shout out to my darling husband Jay who was a big help on Friday Night for the first night of the pageants.... he not only set up my studio for me, he hooked me up with food, ran my table for me, and he fixed the sound board that was having music playing issues... it seems like everywhere I take him on a session, he always ends up running the sound board lol. He's just so talented.

       So another year of Pageants is now in the books.... thousands of photos still need to be sorted through so I can start the individual disks process. Thank you once again for all your support during this busy time of year for our little town for the big Strawberry Festival..... I can not wait to go walk around and see what all the festival has in store this year!

     **Below is just a few of the Crowning Groups from the Pageants... look at all those sashes and crowns***