Welcome to the team... officially...

            I am proud to finally announce (and make it official) that I have a Second Photographer now on the team.... Jay Cathcart--- my hubby and most coolest guy ever, in my opinion. I am so excited to put a camera in his hand during weddings and other events. This past weekend was his "first" session--- a Graduation Party at Opryland Hotel in Nashville.... and he ROCKED it! The session I was working at ended early and so I was able to come down and party with him. It was awesome to see him on the other side of the room with a camera in his hand, finding those angles, and getting some awesome shots along the way.... and not going to lie, I loved having him there with me (it's nice to see your favorite face amongst the crowd at sessions). Afterwards, we hit up Nashville for some killer food at Five Points Pizza and went home and relaxed the rest of the night/morning away.

Here's a few pictures from that night.... what a fun night with really good food too!

Here's a few more behind the lens look at what all went on while there.... I finally got an updated picture with the other Tori (both TLC) too!

I look forward to what all the future has in store for both of us! I love you Jay!