Well Hello There 2017....

             Well, this was the year- mine and my hubby’s first time going downtown to Nashville for the big NYE — music note drop, music, and fireworks— and it was fun… rushed, but fun lol We started off meeting up at Caney Fork (no one has been and everywhere else, well good luck trying to get in somewhere in Nashville) with some great friends of ours…. after what seemed to be an eternity there eating we finally were able to head out to Bridgestone Arena for Widespread Panic—- our awesome friend Paul gave us his free Suite Box seats for the show— it was INSANE and AWESOME!!! Hate we couldn’t stay for it all— plus we ended up late to it due to our dinner at Caney Fork lol.
         We ended up parking across from Bridgestone and called an UBER to pick us up to take us to the Bicentennial Mall/ Park where Nashville decided to throw the big NYE event there instead of on Broadway this year. It was FULL of people and I mean FULL…. it took us some time to get through all the people and we finally found a spot near the back to watch the music note drop along with all the fireworks Nashville had to offer us for the night. The colors in the sky was incredible to witness— I am so happy we finally made it down to Nashville for this time of year. Who knows if we will go back next year— I’m sure we will find us something fun to do. All I do know is that I had the best of nights with my main squeeze, I got my NYE kiss, and we were there to witness along with thousands of others another year coming over to party with us.
           And thanks to UBER for being the real mvp of the night (drove us twice) but in all serious, I look forward to what all 2017 has to offer for me and the hubby - Jay. This year we are planning on exploring the world more and more every chance we get… more hiking…. more concerts… more new restaurants and trying new places…. more roadtrips…. just enjoying all life has to offer us.